"CSW did the greatest thing he could have for us": Did BCH SV really lose?

16 Nov, 2018
by David Robb
CSW did the greatest thing he could have for us: Did BCH SV really lose?

Although Craig Wright and nchain's BCH SV appears to have lost the hash war with Roger Ver's BCH ABC fork, many in the crypto community, including CSW himself, are denying that it was an outright defeat. One observer claimed that "CSW did the greatest thing he could have for us".

According to this Twitter user, the BCH hash war that was started by Craig Wright was a necessary development that showed the essential weaknesses of the BCH project.

They claim that Roger Ver was only able to claim a victory for BCH ABC by showing how centralized the network is. It claims that the misappopriation of "his customers' hashrate to become 70%+ of the BCH hashrate, and the addition of checkpoints to BCH is proof positive of centralization." The way the dispute played out also doesn't bode well for the future of Bitcoin (BTC).

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Meanwhile, Wright is refusing to admit defeat at all. He has reiterated his claim that the hash war is a marathon and not a sprint, as well as playing down the importance of this BCH split to his own future as well as the crypto and blockchain space. As usual, this was illustrated with some interesting visual aids...

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