BTC is "a serial killer": Pantera CEO on the future of crypto

16 Nov, 2018
by David Robb
BTC is a serial killer: Pantera CEO on the future of crypto

The CEO of Pantera Capital recently spoke to Bloomberg about where he thinks the crypto market is heading. The ex-Goldman Sachs trader Dan Morehead called Bitcoin (BTC) "a serial killer" and claimed that billions of vendors and merchants will one day adopt crypto payments.

Morehead spoke about how other internet-based "category killer" innovations "didn't touch banking..., credit cards...(or) remittance", and these fields will be disrupted in a big way by blockchain technology. 

Admitting that crypto exchanges are currently "a little bit clunky...,a little bit expensive", he claimed that it will get easier and easier for people to get involved with cryptocurrencies in future. Echoing the sentiment of most other leading crypto commentators, he identified scalability as being the key obstacle for crypto's progress.

Morehead believes that in a decade, "billions of people" will be using Bitcoin and other cryptos, and claimed that the embrace of blockchain by multinational corporations is a positive sign that suggests it is more than just a passing trend. 

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Basic Attention Token (BAT) was also singled out as one particularly promising crypto project for the future. Morehead explained the complexity of monetizing content on the internet, and how BAT offering a single solution for ad-free subscriptions to online platforms could be appealing to many major media outlets.

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