The Flippening, again? XRP overtakes Ethereum during crash

15 Nov, 2018
by Jelmer van der Dussen
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The Flippening, again? XRP overtakes Ethereum during crash

Ripple's XRP has taken over the number two spot from Ethereum on Coinmarketcap. With a market cap of $18,3 billion, XRP is worth over $200,000 more than ETH at the time of writing.

The Flippening occured during the crash, with XRP not dropping as hard as Ethereum did. Ripple's token saw a decline of 9,4% over the last 24 hours, with ETH falling 13,9%. Only Litecoin (14,28%), Cardano (15,6%) and Monero (15,4%) are performing worse in the top 10.

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XRP is now worth $0.45, Ethereum is valued at $175.83. In the meantime, Bitcoin's market cap dropped below $100 billion, with BTC's price now sitting at $5,562.

In September, XRP overtook Ethereum as number two already with a market cap of $23,5 billion at that time. The Flippening didn't last long, on the same day Ethereum pushed XRP back to the 3rd spot again. The first Flippening (XRP overtaking Ethereum) occured on December 29 2017.

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