subverts pool hashpower in order to boost BCHABC

15 Nov, 2018
by Will Heasman
News subverts pool hashpower in order to boost BCHABC

As the hashwar wages within the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community, both sides appear to be escalating into more desperate strategies in order to win…

A warning emerging from Reddit, advises contributors to the mining pool, ‘’ that their hashpower will instead be diverted in order to mine BCHABC blocks. 

@CobraBitcoin, Co-owner of, and, called the move from owner, Roger Ver, “unprecedented”:

The post from openly admits to diverting hashpower to mine BCHABC:

“Your hashrate will temporarily be used to create BCH blocks during this 1 day period” adding that payments will be made “according to the coin you want to mine (BTC, BCH, or auto profit)”.

Regardless of the fact that miners get paid in their desired cryptocurrency, this still doesn’t excuse a move that arbitrarily uses miners hashpower against their will in order to sway what is meant to be a democratic consensus, not to mention the legality of such actions. 

This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the community who shot back at Ver and

This move is likely to be followed by other mining pools in a bid to out hash SV:

In retaliation to this, Dr. Evil Dr. Craig ‘faketoshi’ Smith, proponent of the opposing side – Bitcoin SV -- threated to pull Bitcoin down to $1000 if more BTC miners switch to BCH:

The whole point of a decentralized system is to aid a fair and trusted consensus, tactics such as this seriously hinder that goal. This is a fight for control, and therefore a fight for centralized power, regardless of who’s right or wrong, everyone loses.  

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