4 Reasons to be positive in the midst of the crypto "crash"

15 Nov, 2018
by Will Heasman
4 Reasons to be positive in the midst of the crypto crash

Okay, the market could look better, granted, but we’ve been here before and we all knew, deep down, that it was probably going to happen again. So while we wait for the market to bounce back, let's take a look at reasons to look forward to the future…

1)  This has happened before, and what followed was the biggest bull run crypto has ever seen…

We’re still doing relatively well in the long run; the charts from September last year shows BTC going from around $4500 to $3300 in a matter of days, just before we saw a run that would eventually lead to an all-time high.

2)  Institutional investment is coming…

And with it comes more money than retail investors could hope to pump in… In December, the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) launches Bakkt, offering institutional crypto trading and most likely acting as a catalyst for growth. Last year (around this time) a similar catalyst occurred in the form of futures trading for Bitcoin, eventually leading the price all the way up to $20,000.

On top of this, we have Fidelity moving into space in January, with its crypto custody services; looking to establish further institutional money.

3)  There's still the potential of an ETF on the cards…

All the proposals have been taken ever more seriously by the SEC, with many of their ranks warming up to crypto. This is in part, thanks to intuitions such as ICE and Fidelity taking a more active role within the industry, legitimizing it somewhat. A decision on a potential ETF is expected in January, after both the Bakkt, and fidelity ventures launch.

4)  This ‘crash’ shakes out weak hands…

Simply put, this is a good thing. These aren’t necessarily people who are in it for the long run, or who believe in the technology, but rather people looking to make some easy money. This is neither good for them, or us in the long run, hasta la vista.

In the meantime... 

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