'What a bloodbath', community reacts to Bitcoin crash

14 Nov, 2018
by Joeri Cant
'What a bloodbath', community reacts to Bitcoin crash

Today Bitcoin crashed and is trading at approximately the same price as one year ago. Bitcoin’s market cap is on the verge of falling below $100 billion, while the top 100 is being dominated by the color red. Let's take a look at some of the reactions of crypto investors.

 Many seem to point the finger at @RogerKver for the obvious reasons.

While others are genuinely worried about the fate of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market.

CNBC's cryptotrader Ran NueNer is asking you, if you will still be around when Bakkt launches?

Nye The Crypto Guy hopes to add the following to his Twitter bio one day, real soon.

Reddit users are calling this a 'bloodbath'!

You can feel the pain while this one Reddit user is admiting to have sold all of his coins and saying his last goodbye to the crypto world.

What a bloodbath from r/CryptoCurrency


And they want to know what happened?


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Another good reason might be explained by this Reddit user.


Some good advice for those who are having a bad day ...


And Twitter user Squid is helping us to end this article on a positive note ...  well, sort of.

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