Market shows modest improvement, BTC and ETH both up

17 May, 2018
by Richard Allen
Market shows modest improvement, BTC and ETH both up

The cryptocurrency market has seen an overall improvement as of late, with nearly all the major coins rising steadily after dropping earlier in the week.

Bitcoin makes a modest gain of 0.53%, while Ethereum sees a 1.33% gain. Of the top ten cryptocurrencies, Tron saw the largest improvement of 7.47% following Bitpie support for the currency, and EOS with a 7.30% gain as they prepare to launch

Of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, iExec RLC saw a largest rise of 36.28% following the announcement of a collaboration on privacy-preserving offchain computing. The next runner-up with an improvement of 11.33% is Veritaseum, likely due to CEO Reggie Middleton’s presence at Consensus.

While the improvements have generally been fairly modest, it makes a nice change from seeing so many coins in the red over the past few days. Let’s hope the trend continues.

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