exchange faces criticism for short withdrawal notices on delisted coins

14 Nov, 2018
News exchange faces criticism for short withdrawal notices on delisted coins

Liqui exchange has been around for a while and saw major popularity in Q3 2017 following the listing of dozens of potential top tier crypto projects. 

However, recently it has come under criticism from users who say the notice period and withdrawal period for delisting of tokens has not been enough time. Users have lashed out at the exchange insisting it might as well delist itself.

One reddit user even reported that the exchange is exit scamming with customers funds who missed the withdrawal period before delisting occured. Reddit user 'Mastertim1' wrote a thread titled "WARNING. is likely liquidating their customers assets though Bancor & Binance. Possible Exitscam!"

Over the course of 2 months, Liqui has delisted roughly 25 projects. Some of the delisted projects include (listed by market cap rank):

#24 - $ZRX
#30 - $BAT
#46 - $WAVES
#84 - $SRN
#92 - $MCO

Users have come out saying they have been unable to withdraw or that they have missed the announcement to withdraw their tokens. It is evident in the reddit thread that delisted tokens are being moved to other exchanges to most likely be sold off. 

While the warning does seem to be legitimate, no feedback has been received from at this time regarding the potential shady behaviour. 

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