Xerox wins patent for blockchain implementation in tracking changes to e-docs

14 Nov, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
Xerox wins patent for blockchain implementation in tracking changes to e-docs

Xerox wins patent for blockchain technology implementation that detects and tracks alterations on electronic documents.

Xerox has recently been awarded patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a blockchain-based technology related to electronic documents.

The technology, that has been filed since August 2017 will enable detection and tracking to alterations made to electronic docs, or as the patent document describes “a blockchain-based system for the secure recording of revisions made to electronic documents.”

According to CoinTelegraph, Xerox uses a series of blockchain nodes to approve or dismiss each amendment on the document. Moreover, the mechanism will also notify users when a particular node fails to approve a document, or a content is different from its verified version.

The use cases of the patented technology can vary, from auditing medical and financial records to tax papers and educational documents. That said, in the patent document, Xerox highlights its use to protect criminal investigation records, such as DNA test results, interview notes and crime scene photos from tampering and alteratons.

The printing and digital copying appliances company is not the only company that actively submits patent applications for blockchain technology implementations. Giant tech company, IBM is also known for its multiple patent applications for various implementations of blockchain.  

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