PIVX to launch its own private decentralized exchange, ZDEX

13 Nov, 2018
by David Borman
PIVX to launch its own private decentralized exchange, ZDEX

Recently, PIVX announced on its blog the imminent launch of the public beta phase of their new decentralized exchange, zDEX. The exchange will use the Zerocoin protocol to allow for trading a variety of crypto tokens without any trusted middle-man.

At its launch on November 14th, users will be able to trade BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, ZEC, and PART. All coins will be paired with PIVX initially, but eventually direct coin trading will be added to the platform.There will be 0.25% trade fees which will be split between the zDEX team and the masternodes securing the network.

PIVX project lead s3v3nh4cks is quoted in the blog:

“True DEX’s are important as they should require no AML/KYC and the functionality is controlled by the code and not by personal preference or government restrictions. I wanted to create zDEX because a decentralised exchange dedicated to privacy did not exist yet.”

Though the 14th marks the beginning of the public beta, the blog notes that the full launch is still TBA. It is stated that it will not go live until everything in the beta is " flawlessly operational."

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