Cleveland science museum now accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as payment

12 Nov, 2018
by David Robb
Cleveland science museum now accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as payment

A museum in Cleveland, Ohio, is due to adopt crypto as a payment method for the first time. Visitors to the Great Lakes Science Center will be able to pay for admission using Bitcoin (BTC), from Tuesday November 13 onwards.

According to Crain's Cleveland, the museum will be making use of BitPay in order to process Bitcoin payments. Users who wish to pay in BTC will be able to do so using the app on their phone.

The adoption of crypto payments comes ahead of the museum's inaugural Blockland Solutions Conference. A four-day event due to take place in December, the conference will explore and educate visitors about the future of blockchain technology. 

"There is a lot of excitement around the conference," said Great Lakes Science Center president and CEO Kirsten Ellenbogen. "Accepting bitcoin is just a small part of the momentum to grow a blockchain ecosystem in Cleveland."

Other U.S. cultural institutions to accept crypto payments include Texas's Museum of the Coastal Bend, and the St. Petersburg Museum of History, in Florida.

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