Blockchain platform Streamr partners with Nokia

17 May, 2018
by Salahuddin Uqaili
Blockchain platform Streamr partners with Nokia

Streamr has partnered with Nokia and OSIsoft to integrate blockchain technology with the internet-of-things (IOT). 

Streamr’s existing online marketplace will allow providers of content to list it in real time, with the entire exchange run on Ethereum smart contracts. Henri Pikhala, Streamr CEO stated that: “To realize our vision of a sustainable, equitable, and efficient data economy, we needed to create a space in which buyers and sellers could come together freely, and today we have achieved just that. If people want to own their data, legislation won’t do that for us."

Martti Ylikoski, Nokia's Radio System Evolution Lead said that “Providing smart mobile coverage for up to four billion individuals across the world is a major challenge and current solutions don’t go far enough.” Nokia will combine it’s Kuha transportable base stations with Streamr’s marketplace to provide rural residents with an internet connection which allows them to monetise their data. The announcement of the latest partnership was made at Consensus 2018.

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