Tron surpasses Ethereum daily transaction volume record

10 Nov, 2018
Tron surpasses Ethereum daily transaction volume record

Tron has officially surpassed Ethereums daily transaction volume record. Ethereum initially had it's highest transaction volume of 1.349 million transactions on January 4 2018. Tron officially passed that on Novembe 9 2018, hitting 1.367 transactions.

Tron may be one of the most hyped projects due to its charismatic founder, Mr Hype master himself, Justin Son. Tron currently ranks #11 on Coinmarketcap and has grown exponentially over 2018.

Tron finally saw a massive surge in daily transactions which surpassed that of Ethereum. Tron continues to push the boundaries of crypto mass adoption with new applications that make use of the $TRX token.

The latest project which has seen huge success is the TronDice gambling platform. The simple platform basically allows $TRX holders to gamble in a chance to win more $TRX, this is probably were most of the transactions are coming from as TronDice has shelled out of $200m worth of winnings thus far.

Recap: Gambling platform TronDice shells out nearly $300 million in winnings

Whether $TRX can keep up the surge in daily transactions is yet to be seen. Perhaps the latest record is simply a flash in the pan. 

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