Consumers can purchase “some” Apple products with cryptocurrency

16 May, 2018
by Ryan McInally
Consumers can purchase “some” Apple products with cryptocurrency

At present, Apple doesn’t take Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. But, if you’re in the US you can buy some Apple products using the eUSD coin via HAVVEN’s eStore.

There is currently a limited amount of Apple products available, and for those who don’t own eUSD it is very easy to convert your ETH into eUSD using the sites online converter. This is the first time Apple products have been available, albeit in a roundabout way via cryptocurrency. Stablecoins are often used in the cryptocurrency world to avoid massive price fluctuations. The eUSD coin runs off the HAVVEN network and was launched last month.

Currently, the most widely used stablecoin is Tether, which is tied directly to the price of the US dollar. Often traders will dump their coins into Tether to protect themselves when they suspect a massive market fluctuation. Converting cryptocurrency into Tether and then back into cryptocurrencies is a lot easier than transferring coins into fiat and then fiat back to crypto.

This is good news for those HODLing a big bad of coins and looking to pickup some new electronics.

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