China uses blockchain to track convicts on parole

09 Nov, 2018
by Joeri Cant
China uses blockchain to track convicts on parole

According to Coindesk, at least two cities in China are using blockchain technology to track offenders on parole. Chinese officials would like to adopt bracelets similar to those issued in western countries.

The justice departments of the cities of Zhongshan and Foshan, say it has launched a blockchain-based system that can monitor the movements of parolees to improve the quality of so-called community correction.

Apparently the technology has been deployed across mutliple community service centers where parolees are obliged to check in and complete daily duties.

However, according to a Facebook post, it is indicated that the system does more than just allow officials to know the location of the parolees in its districts, in real time.

'The system allows local police, prosecutors, and court officials to share their real-time data and to coordinate their services to conduct better supervision on and service for the offenders'.

'The new system can also use data analysis to detect the possibility of community criminals re-offending. Through the system background data analysis, the action trajectory and situation of the community prisoners can be clearly and clearly seen.' the post suggests.

According to the justice department the technology will assist to reduce the manpower burden that is traditionally required to physically follow parolees and making sure they are obeying laws and performing community services.

The blockchain bracelets are the latest use case in which blockchain is being adopted in the legal system in China.

It remains to be seen if this will be implemented throughout China.

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