Chinese teachers caught mining Ethereum at work

09 Nov, 2018
Chinese teachers caught mining Ethereum at work

People will do whatever they can to utilize free resources to mine cryptocurrencies. In this case, the principal and vice principle of Hunan middle school were taking advantage of the schools electricity to mine Ethereum.

Local media outlet HK01 reports that the Hunan middle school located in Chenzhou was making a lot of noise during the day and in the evenings too. The network had alo become extremely slow.

Teachers apparently brought up the issues with the principle who explained that the issue was "too much use of school air conditioners and grills.”

According to HK01, the principle setup seven mining rigs within the schools computer lab to run his own mining operation, making use of free electricity. The vice president of the school also became interested in the idea of mining ethereum for extra income and set up his own mining rigs in one of the schools laboratories.

Teachers of the school became so frustrated with the noise of the mining rigs they began to investigate the issue themselves before discovering the mining rig setups.

The pair signed off on the electricity costs while taking advantage of the off-premise mining operation. The mining rigs eventually caused a short circuit due to overloading, causing a fire which drastically slowed the schools network.

Principle Lei Hua has since been removed from the school while vice president Wang Zhipeng was let off with a warning.

Image from Gyazo

Image from Gyazo

Image from Gyazo

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