Binance launches Binance Research to support transparency in all crypto projects

09 Nov, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
Binance launches Binance Research to support transparency in all crypto projects

Binance launches a new division, the Binance Research that will release in-depth reports on various crypto projects regularly.

Binance just announced the launching of their analysis division, the Binance Research just hours ago, as announced on the company’s official Medium and Twitter account.

The new division will conduct a thorough and impartial research on various crypto projects in order to be able to “deliver consolidated, comprehensive reports for cryptocurrency tokens and projects.”

Aim to support the transparency of all projects listed on Binance’s platform, the public can expect the released reports to be institutional-graded as they will be based on in-depth analysis with data-driven insights.

Quoting what the Binance Team said, “Binance Research reports show the level of transparency we want all projects to publicize. We hope these reports will raise the standard for transparency in the industry overall, and provide the community with insight into the progress, commitment, and authenticity of each project.”

The team also emphasized the impartiality of all their reports, saying that “the objective reports will remain fair and unbiased, providing comprehensive insight into each project as a source of credible information.”

Furthermore, the reports will also track the projects’ original roadmap and measure how well the teams deliver the promises made during fundraising against it.

As an initial proof, the Binance Research Team released their first two reports on Loom Network and GoChain, which is according to The Block, it seems to have a very high standard in quality and surprisingly quite impartial, considering the existing conflict of interest.

It seems like Binance is off to a good start in their efforts to improve the long-time issue in cryptocurrency, the lack of transparency of crypto projects.

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