Monero (XMR) contributor receives top research award

08 Nov, 2018
by David Robb
Monero (XMR) contributor receives top research award

One of the developers behind the Monero protocol has recently been given a major research award. The Australian Computer Society (ACS) named Joseph Liu the ICT Researcher of the Year at the 2018 Digital Disruptor Awards.

As reported by its own news page, the Monash University Associate Professor was given the award in recognition of his achievements in the field of blockchain research.

According to the dean of Monash, "Joseph’s visionary research to advance blockchain technology brings the world one step closer to fully realising it as a powerful innovation that is poised to bring substantial change to financial services as well as many other industries".

Liu played a key role in the development of the Lattice-Based One Time Linkable Ring Signature algorithm. This was used in the development of Monero, enabling it to add the extra layer of privacy that the crypto uses in its transaction process. He is now leaing a project at Monash's Blockchain Lab, in collaboration with Collinstar Capital and Hong Kong Polytechnic University, to develop a new cryptocurrency called HCash.

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