McAfee's Skycoin tattoo results in the coin's price surging 12%

08 Nov, 2018
by Richard Allen
McAfee's Skycoin tattoo results in the coin's price surging 12%

Die-hard crypto advocate John McAfee showed the power of celebrity endorsement on Wednesday when he unveiled his new Skycoin tattoo, resulting in the token’s price leaping over 12%, Today's Gazette reports.

To anyone wondering “Why Skycoin?” McAfee replies by saying that if you have to ask you've been living in a closet:

McAfee met with the Skycoin team at the recent Malta Conference. The meeting resulted in the two partnering as McAfee felt that the team had an “amazing product line.” In addition to having its own cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem, the project also includes its own unique consensus algorithm, its own specialized node-hosting equipment, and its own hardware wallet.

McAfee stated during Malta Conference, “I am on board and partnering with the folks at and their amazing product line. My heart and mind resonate with their efforts. For those of you who want to trash me and label my efforts as “shilling”, you may, with my full permission and support, fuck off.”

McAfee also recently announced his intentions to run for US President in 2020. However, he wants to capitalize on the opportunity to stand on the country’s national stage to promote cryptocurrency.

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