World’s largest decentralized lending protocol opens doors to U.S borrowers

08 Nov, 2018
by Ryan Boltman
World’s largest decentralized lending protocol opens doors to U.S borrowers

EthLend is currently the biggest and most successful decentralized lending procol on blockchain with over $15 million in lending volume since the beginning of 2018. The project has now officially opened its doors to the Western market by allowing U.S clients access to borrowing.

EthLend announced that they are working on their Baiji update which will feature the ability to make use of the EthLend platform without relying only on MetaMask, but operating more like a centralized exchange. This will make lending and borrowing easier for users. 

The update is set to give U.S users the ability to borrow cryptocurrencies on the platform stating "ETHLend has extremely large support and community in the US and we would like to serve our community by allowing US borrowers to borrow cryptocurrencies within ETHLend."

EthLend continues to push development and growth with the goal of being the one of the most successful decentralized application on blockchain. Compliance continues to be a major talking point in terms of lending and borrowing. The EthLend team continue to research compliance related issues and "believe that compliance is the key for mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies"

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