A group of men accused of torturing a friend to steal his crypto

08 Nov, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
A group of men accused of torturing a friend to steal his crypto

A group of men is accused of torturing their “friend” in an effort to steal his cryptocurrency.

A group of rich young professionals in New York is facing an accusation from a member of their own circle for torturing him, in an effort to steal his cryptocurrency.

As the New York Post reported, after spending the night drinking, a group of “friends” went to Nicholas Truglia’s high-rise apartment on September 7th.

The group consisted of rich young men, whose names are Stephen Orso, 25, David Leica, 19, Steven Dorn, 29, and Chris David, 25.

Orso is said to hold Truglia’s head underwater in the bathtub, punch him on the stomach and throw hot wax on him, while demanding him to inform his crypto accounts login credentials.

The surveillance video also shows the guys leaving around 2 hours after they arrived, with David looking like bringing “a rectangular object” under his sweatshirt, which is consistent with a laptop.

In his report to the local authority, Truglia said that he woke up and found out his laptop, mobile phones and a thumb drive containing his crypto account credentials were missing.

When he pinged his iPhone the next day, it showed up in the surroundings area of his friends’ share apartment.

The court paper says that Leica allegedly sent the iPhone back to Truglia using Uber, while David returning the laptop splattered in wax the next day.

Each of the defendants are charged with one count of second-degree burglary, on which their lawyers, Stacey Richman said that the accusations are false and that Truglia has withdrawn his complaints.

Richman claimed her clients were only “helping a person who had overimbibed” get home safely.

“I provided audio to the district attorney’s office wherein the complainant admits these allegations are false,” she added.

She also commented on the media coverage that has scathed his clients, by saying, “It’s disappointing that our standard of journalism does not permit the innocent to have their day in court and slanders them upon accusation.”

While there are no reports on whether the four men managed to steal any funds from Truglia’s crypto account, they are due back in court March 14th to find out the court’s final decision.

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