Decentraland virtual property sells for record $215,000

06 Nov, 2018
Decentraland virtual property sells for record $215,000

Decentraland has once again broken its previous record for the biggest acquisition of virtual land on the platform, topping $215,000. 

The latest purchase has seen someone pick up a 126-parcel of LAND in a single purchase totalling 2.7 million $MANA tokens. 

The new purchase of $215,000 in $MANA makes the buy a new record for the platform which describes itself as "A virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Users can create, experience, and monetize content and applications." 

Previously, the record stood at $95,000 for a 40-parcel LAND purchase about a month ago. 

The record comes just days after Decentraland announced their partnership with Ripio Credit Network ($RCN) which will launch LAND Mortgages by securely requesting smart-contract based loans to purchase LAND. 

$MANA currently ranks #73 with $81 million market cap and priced at $0.077 per $MANA. 

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