The Elon Musk Twitter scammers made away with up to $175,000 today

05 Nov, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
The Elon Musk Twitter scammers made away with up to $175,000 today

A number of verified Twitter accounts were compromised earlier today, and all used in service of the now ubiquitous Elon Musk crypto Twitter scam.

Hackers apparently got control over a number of sizeable, verified Twtter accounts, including a large book publisher.

One of the biggest gets for the hackers was the account of Frank Pallone Jr, a Democratic state representative from New Jersey.

Giving veracity to the scam was the fact that the hacked Twitter accounts were verified, and thus had the ‘blue check mark’ which Twitter gives ostensibly to ensure that the account is indeed owned by who it says. Additional Twitter accounts hacked include one associated with UK homeware company Matalan, and as reported earlier today, a prominent European Film Production Company was also hacked

The hackers took advantage of this, promoted Tweets which had ‘Musk’ asking for 0.1-0.3 BTC sent to a single wallet address while promising to return 1-20 BTC after verification. Needless to say, this promise was too good to be true.

According to CoinDesk one address received over 25 bitcoin ($161,380), a seperate one gained $12,000 in bitcoin, and yet another  received around $2,500. All told this means the hackers may have made away with as much as over $175,000, though its impossible to verify how many of the transactions were legitimate, and how many were used to bolster the appearence of legitimacy.

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