OmiseGo launches its first dApp: Plasma Dog

05 Nov, 2018
by Richard Allen
OmiseGo launches its first dApp: Plasma Dog

OmiseGo has officially launched the first dApp on its network: Plasma Dog. This marks the platform’s first step towards its plan of launching user-friendly dApps on the network, CryptoGlobe reports.

Created by Hoard, Plasma Dog is an old-school sidescrolling adventure game reminiscent to that of the classic Super Mario Brothers. The game was first announced on November 1 at the Ethereum Devcon4 conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

Plasma Dog is a humorous take on the cryptocurrency industry, making use of common terms as characters in the game. For example, the game’s enemies include double spends, faulty child chains, invalid blocks, and node collusion. The in-game currency is called UTXO, as in unspent transaction output, a term used to describe a transaction that’s waiting to be spent. UTXO tokens acquired in the game are credited to the user’s wallet.

The game’s creators, Hoard, a team that develops cryptocurrencies for use in video games, has described Plasma Dog as the company's flagship goal of making “a simple video game with true ownership.”

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