Snoop Dogg invites audience to get high at XRP event

16 May, 2018
by Conor Maloney
Snoop Dogg invites audience to get high at XRP event

Ripple Labs Inc sponsored an XRP community night in New York headlined by rapper and crypto enthusiast Snoop Dogg, who made sure to interact with the audience as only he can.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also made an appearance as a speaker at the event which reportedly had people from both sides of the camp when it came to XRP, with Bloomberg reporting that several attendees accused Ripple of relying on banks rather than replacing them, and questioning the usefulness of digital tokens in general.

However, it's worth pointing out that many of the crypto critics were Wall Street bankers attending the conference! There were, of course, an equal if not greater number of XRP and crypto fans in attendance, but perhaps the most unifying common denominator was the crowd's love of Snoop Dogg.

Snoop has been bringing up crypto for years, stating in 2013 that his next album would be available for Bitcoin purchase and drone delivery immediately sparking offers from Coinbase and BitPay which Snoop Dogg responded to saying he really wanted to make it happen. He also tweeted that Robinhood was "putting tha Crip in Crypto" last year.

Snoop didn't talk crypto at the event, changing the atmosphere with his song Young Wild and Free, getting banking professionals and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to sing along to "so what we get drunk, so what we smoke weed." Snoop finished things off with a group invitation with an almost unanimous response, asking the crowd which they'd rather do:

 “Do you wanna a) hang out with me, b) drink with me or c) smoke some motherfucking weed with me?”

They chose C.

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