Dutch Prince and Ghostface Killah talk crypto at Cube Tech's Fireside!

16 May, 2018
by Conor Maloney
Dutch Prince and Ghostface Killah talk crypto at Cube Tech's Fireside!

This unlikely pair made quite the ruckus at Cube Tech's "Fireside" event today, which focuses on creating unexpected pairings to foster unique discussions.

Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands and Ghostface Killah of the Wu Tang Clan discussed cryptocurrencies in front of a live audience in Berlin yesterday. 

Prince Constantijn has been dubbed the "Prince of Startups" thanks to his role as Dutch startup ambassador which has seen him launch successful initiatives like StartupDelta. Ghostface Killah got in on the ICO game last year with the Cream Capital cryptocurrency project aiming to become the largest crypto-ATM network in the world, leaving the two with much to talk about. 

While they did discuss the direction the crypto space was headed in, they didn't keep it all business - Prince Constantijn told Ghostface that he's often mistaken for Clark Kent, Superman's alter ego, and the two shook hands firmly before the event was over, to the glee of delighted onlookers who cracked jokes about the duo's upcoming mixtape.

 Cream Capital tokens can actually be used to purchase Wu Tang Clan concert tickets, with the name referencing the famous song Cash Rules Everything Around Me. When asked to explain the tight relationship between hip hop and cryptocurrency/ICOs, Ghostface's answer was refreshingly honest - "Money."

While the methods used by the ICO didn't see it generate much CREAM, the meeting with Dutch royalty may well bring the public attention that could see the Clan in the front once again. 

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