McAfee hops on board with SkyCoin

04 Nov, 2018
by Matthew Kim
McAfee hops on board with SkyCoin

John McAfee, the legendary computer programmer and boisterous crypto evangelist, has partnered with SkyCoin and joined their board.

John McAfee is loved and hated for his unfiltered and brazen mouth (or fingers?) and it was on full display when he announced his partnership with SkyCoin. He stated that his “heart and mind resonate” with SkyCoin and told his critics to “fuck off” with his “full permission and support”. SkyCoin reciprocated their love for McAfee on twitter, exclaiming their excitement for having McAfee as their ambassador.

SkyCoin is a project that intends to fulfill Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision by building a decentralized web. Developed by early contributors of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the SkyCoin project was launched with an aim to promote the actual use of cryptocurrency and public ledger technology. It uses its own consensus algorithm called Obelisk, which utilizes the concept of ‘web of trust dynamics’ to distribute influence through a scoring system.

Although SkyCoin is a project that claims to address the corruption potential of absolute power, the project itself has a spotted past. In the past summer, SkyCoin’s CEO Synth was kidnapped – by his own marketing team for tokens. Synth’s sanity was also questioned after the event when he asserted in a post that he is “untouchable”, so much so that he could “murder and eat babies and would come out unscathed”. By adding a controversial figure in John McAfee to the board, the public’s opinion of SkyCoin is likely to be even more fragmented.

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