Who are the top Crypto influencers on Instagram ?

04 Nov, 2018
by Manon Bridou-Koenig
Who are the top Crypto influencers on Instagram ?

Instagram is a social media and popular platform which relies heavily on strong visuals.

Digital asset experts are making Instagram a safe platform for all the latest insights and updates.

Because there is more than #bitcoin on Instagram, here is the Top 3 of the most reliable crypto influencers on Instagram, based on the number of followers and on the content of their accounts :

1. Joseph Steinberg

Joseph Steinberg is an expert on cyber security and works as a blockchain advisor. He also writes columns for major publications like Forbes and Inc.com, among many others. You will find Joseph at major blockchain events around the world. He regularly lectures on the uses and problems of blockchain at major universities. His Instagram profile has more than 24.9K followers proving him to be a well-respected figure within the crypto/blockchain sphere.

2. Armando Pantoja 

Armando is a software engineer and a blockchain expert. He is a notable speaker on important tech innovations in the blockchain space, and recently sold his crypto website for a whopping US$2 million. Armando is one of the most sought after tech entrepreneurs in the industry and commands a follower base of 7.6K on Instagram.

3. Jake aka The Korean Jew Trader

Jake is a cryptocurrency trader and he sharing his journey on the platform with his 7K followers. His account allow the rest of world to see the rising prominence of the Korean market for cryptos, as Korea is turning out to be a crypto haven.

Bonus, the funniest crypto related account is probably : The Wolf of Bitcoins, with over 12.4K followers, this profile is a source of interesting and funny memes on cryptocurrencies and associated technologies. The owner is also a Bitcoin miner and investor, who explains serious and complicated concepts through hilarious images that bring much-needed humour to the crypto space.

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