Ronnie Moas bets Vinny Lingham $20,000 that BTC will hit $28,000 by end of 2019

03 Nov, 2018
by Ryan Boltman
Ronnie Moas bets Vinny Lingham $20,000 that BTC will hit $28,000 by end of 2019

In a recent meeting held at World Crypto Con in Las Vegas, crypto and stocks trader Ronnie Moas bet $CVC founder Vinny Lingham $20,000 that BTC would surpass $28,000 by the end of 2019. 

Moas announced the bet on Twitter, which will see both parties happily obliged to accept the bet. 

The loser of the bet will be donating the $20,000 to charity. However Lingham commented that if BTC hits over $28,000 next year it would be win-win either way and he would happily pay up on the bet. 

Most people will be backing Moas on this one and secretly we think so is Vinny. Bitcoin has maintained a price around $6,400 over the past month and looks to have stabilized since hitting it's all time high of $20,000 in December 2017. 

Most recently CNBC's Cryptotrader host Ran Neuner fell back on his February 1st tweet stating "For the record, I am pinning this tweet. Bitcoin will finish 2018 at $50 000." The presenter followed up to his previous $50,000 estimation by year end by tweeting "For the record , I am pinning this tweet. Bitcoin will not finish 2018 at $50 000."

Recap: Bitcoin will not hit $50K in 2018! Crypto analyst Ran NeuNer retracts claim

The future of BTC does look bright however, it may take longer than everyone expected before we see BTC break it's previous all time high. 

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