Many mobile apps that earn Kin, Kik's token are debuting on Android & iOS

02 Nov, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
Many mobile apps that earn Kin, Kik's token are debuting on Android & iOS

Many mobile apps built on Kin, Kik’s crypto are debuting on PlayStore and AppStore these days, with more coming very soon.

Interest to Kin, Kik’s crypto has grown as iOS and Google approve many mobile apps that are built on it. As of reporting time, 10 has already launched, with 30 more are coming in the near future.

Just a short recap, after successfully raising $98 million from ICO in 2017, Kik created Kin, a cryptocurrency that’s expected to become the most used crypto, which can easily be spent and earned by internet users.

The company announced just last summer their support program for teams that are building apps that enable the use and earning of the Kin token.

From over 200 teams who submitted their projects, the Kik team chose 32 to receive grants that will support them in the development of the apps.

Among the approved projects, these are the apps that have gone live on Google Play: Reveald (dating), Kinguist (language learning), Nearby (networking), (social goals), AddMe (business networking), Find (travel networking), Vent (mental health) and Kinny (social tipping), while these two are available for download on AppStore: Blastchat (instant messaging) and Pause For (productivity).

What makes it even more interesting is, all these apps have “straightforward ways” to earn and spend Kin, as that is the prerequisite of the program, as reported by Coindesk

That said, Kin Ecosystem product manager, Ayelet Laub said that his team is currently still working on the best method to deposit or withdraw Kin in the most user-friendly way.

It would probably be way more interesting for people if the team behind Kin finally manages to find ways to deposit or withdraw Kin. Who's not interested in earning cashable tokens while finding a date, anyway?

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