The first gelato that accepts BTC and BCH just opened in NZ by a 20-year old

02 Nov, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
The first gelato that accepts BTC and BCH just opened in NZ by a 20-year old

The first gelato that accepts Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for payment just opened in Christchurch, New Zealand.

If you happen to travel to Christchurch, New Zealand on a hot summer day and want to buy ice cream, but you are running out of local fiat, you can come over to Charlato, as the gelato store accepts payment in BTC and BCH.

Charlato is owned by a 20-year old entrepreneur, Charlie Kavanagh, who’s also a cryptocurrency trader. He’d been working in the ice cream store for 2 years, before taking it over after the owner wanted out.

He, then, rebranded the store with a new name and added new forms of payment, prior to the launch last Saturday.

“I was looking at the (gelato) container and I said, 'you know what? I want to do something with it. If I want to start something I'd better start now',” he said in a press release

The millennial entrepreneur admits himself as a die-hard crypto believer. “It will do to banks what Amazon did to retail and what Netflix did to DVD stores,” he claimed. As to the crypto’s high volatility, he commented, “I might as well do it when I'm young.”

Kavanagh expects to be able to support payment in 5 cryptocurrencies in the future, regardless of people and his family’s opinion about it. “My dad loves the idea of me doing it. My mum absolutely hates it,” he stated.

Interestingly enough, his “announcement” on r/Bitcoin channel on Reddit received various responses. Some praised him for his “bold” move, while the others criticized him for accepting BCH as payment, saying such things as, “Bcash.. You have no concept of decentralization, immutability, and network security via proof of work. Might as well accept counterfeit bills. As long as you can fool someone into accepting fake bills (or bcash) you're good!” or “Don't be fooled. Better accept ETH than Bitcoincash.”

My gelato store was the first to accept Bitcoin in New Zealand! (20 y/o, Christchurch) from r/Bitcoin

Regardless of all the pros and cons, kudos to Charlie Kavanagh for daring to work on what he believes!

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