JPMorgan chief executive: 'I just don't give a fuck' about Bitcoin

31 Oct, 2018
by Richard Allen
JPMorgan chief executive: 'I just don't give a fuck' about Bitcoin

Jamie Dimon, chief executive of American multinational investment bank JPMorgan has been a vocal critic of Bitcoin since he called it a fraud last year. When asked at the Axios Conference in LA if Dimon had softened his stance on Bitcoin, the CEO didn’t mince his words.

While the CEO remained reluctant to become the figurehead of the fight against Bitcoin, he stated “I never changed what I said, I just regret having said that,” he said. “I didn’t want to be the spokesperson against Bitcoin. I just don’t give a fuck, that’s the point.”

Dimon has stuck with the “Blockchain, not Bitcoin” mantra that has been echoed throughout the banking industry, saying “Blockchain is real, it’s technology, but Bitcoin isn’t the same as fiat currency.”

As The Next Web reports, the news comes shortly after JPMorgan revealed that they are “tokenizing gold bars and diamonds” on their blockchain platform Quorum.

Despite the fact that the CEO was speaking in a personal capacity, making a statement dismissing cryptocurrencies so soon after announcing the digitization of gold bars and diamonds seems to fly in the face of the crypto community, especially on the birthday of the world’s first cryptocurrency.

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