Lamborghinis ornament the streets outside Consensus

16 May, 2018
by Matthew Kim
Lamborghinis ornament the streets outside Consensus

The three day cryptocurrency conference in well underway and the lamborghinis that outline the building continue to be a hot topic of conversation.

Lamborghinis, or "Lambos" as they are often called, are often the iconic automobile symbol for wealth. In the crypto world it is often joked to be the end game for trading and investing in the various digital currencies. The cars can cost up to $200,000 or more and sport an ostentatious body. 

It’s no surprise then, that the Lamborghinis that decorated the Concensus conference drew the attention of crypto enthusiast and outsides alike. Yesterday, on the first day of the conference, bystanders were amused at line of luxury cars parked in a neat row and crypto enthusiasts raved about them on social media. To most of the enthusiasts witnessing the Lamborghinis was almost a confirmation of the possibility that they have of earning a quick return of investment to reach their dreams.

However, it was soon discovered that the Lamborghinis had been as a promotional move by CoinDesk, the hosts of the conference, as a publicity stunt and statement. Even so, not all of the cars were rented out. The CEO of Bitmex, a Bitcoin futures trading exchange, established through a tweet that one of the cars was his.

Even after a day, “Lambos” continue to be embedded into countless tweets and jokes. But with the price of most cryptocurrency dropping quickly, the luxury cars are quickly becoming the punchline or butt of the joke.

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