Crypto price ticker application is installing malware on its users Mac computers

31 Oct, 2018
by Colin Hawkins
Crypto price ticker application is installing malware on its users Mac computers

Cryptocurrency price ticker application CoinTicker, is installing two backdoors on Apple Mac devices, giving hackers access, according to Malwarebytes, the cybersecurity firm on October 29.

The two pieces of Malware installed on your apple device include EvilOSX and EggShell. These applications can effect your Mac by recording your keystrokes, stealing various data or even executing certain commands. It is unaware completely what the malware was designed to do, but the director of Mac and Mobile at Malwarebytes, Thomas Reed, thinks that it is possible it was designed to steal cryptocurrency keys.

This news comes as a surprise as CoinTicker acts and feels like a legitimate application designed to simply show the current price of the crypto you are interested in, on demand. When installing the application the malware installs alongside the app in the background. The users installing the application will be unaware that their device is being infected with malware due to the application not requiring elevated permission during download.

Thomas Reed urges those who have this application installed on their device to immediately make sure your wallet is secured. The apps creators could be using this malware to “gain access to the users crypto wallets for the purpose of stealing coins,” Reed states.

The malwarebytes anti-malware software now looks for this CoinTicker application on your device and its malware components.

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