Thai artists avoid censorship by adding rap song to Zcoin blockchain

29 Oct, 2018
by Joeri Cant
Thai artists avoid censorship by adding rap song to Zcoin blockchain

A representative from Zcoin informed Chepicap that a Thai rap artist group named 'Rap against Dictatorship', has received a warning from Thai authorities and may face charges for putting false information into cyberspace.

According to the The Nation Weekend, the rap single, 'Prathet Ku Mee... (My Country’s Got...), hit No 2 in the Youtube Thailand chart and received close to a million views on Facebook and YouTube in less than 24 hours since its release. 

The single went viral this week when the music video was released, featuring 10 well-known underground rappers who adopted different aliases to maintain their anonymity.

The music video depicts the historic October 6, 1976 image of a corpse hanging from a tree in Sanam Luang. The rappers, wearing masks, hit the corpse in the rhythm of the beat and are being watched by a crowd of young people.

The 10 rappers speak about the hypocrisy of Thai military dictatorship, massive government corruption, the deep political divide, deaths on both sides of the divide and more.

Deputy National Police chief Srivara Ransibrahmanakul said that the 'Rap against Dictatorship' group may have broken the law by releasing this single, and that the Police Technology Crime Suppression Division would study the lyrics to see if they violated any junta orders. They will also be summoned to testify if they intended to cause any chaos or violate any orders from the ruling National Council for Peace and Order, he added.

As a response to these accusations and to prevent the video and its lyrics from being lost to censorship, an IPFS link containing the video has been placed in a transaction on the privacy coin’s, Zcoin blockchain. The IPFS link to the video was added to Z Coin block number 111089.

Poramin Insom, the founder and lead developer of Zcoin said:

'We don’t know who added the IPFS link to their transaction, but this link has been secured by the blockchain and cannot be removed or hidden. Furthermore, by using Zerocoin protocol, the Zcoin blockchain keeps the link private and therefore the identities of the uploading parties cannot be known.'

Pro-democracy politicians publicly applauded the rappers’ bravery, however, the police warned the rappers musicians to not do anything that risks violating the country’s laws, 'as it will not be good for them or their families if the songs are found to be violating the law'.

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