OKEx Head of Operations suggests we might be seeing a Bitcoin bull run soon

29 Oct, 2018
by Richard Allen
OKEx Head of Operations suggests we might be seeing a Bitcoin bull run soon

Head of Operations of the world’s second-biggest crypto exchange by trading volume, OKEx, has tweeted a rather cryptic tweet that seems to hints at another Bitcoin bull run.

Andy Cheung, OKEx Head of Operations, has taken a bullish stance on Bitcoin, believing that the relative calm the market has experienced over the last year will soon be broken as we approach Bitcoin’s tenth birthday on October 31.

While there isn’t much we can do aside from speculate, one Twitter user thinks Cheung is on to something, saying “Without a doubt, yes, with the regulations approved in several countries and other news, but the best thing is that this stabilization of BTC allowed everyone to know every development that is being done in the use of BTC and not only in the price.”

Bitcoin hasn’t seen a price rally anywhere near to that of the one experienced at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, which saw the world’s biggest cryptocurrency reach an all-time high of just under $20,000. Currently, one BTC will cost $6,463.44, but if Cheung knows something we don’t, that might be about to change. Only time will tell.

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