Polish police recover $11.6 million from suspected crypto scam DasCoin

29 Oct, 2018
by Richard Allen
Polish police recover $11.6 million from suspected crypto scam DasCoin

Polish police have managed to recover $11.6 million from DasCoin, a controversial cryptocurrency that's long been believed to be a Ponzi scheme, CryptoGlobe reports.

In a year-long investigation into the alleged crypto scam, Polish police have seized $11.6 million from DasCoin. Concerns were first raised over the legitimacy of the coin in 2017 when authorities became suspicious over the operation’s practices. Investigations are linked to a multi-level marketing (MLM) campaign promoted by cryptocurrency review site Net Leaders, which is suspected of helping promote the cryptocurrency.

District prosecutors in Warsaw confirmed in September that DasCoin was being criminally investigated. The prosecutor’s office then released a statement saying that:

“The district prosecutor in Warsaw on September 21, 2018, has been investigating under the reference number PO III DS 176.2018 regarding bringing in from September 2016. Throughout the country, a number of people are disadvantaged by the sale of goods via sales through a website (netleaders). License for the purchase of a number of products and services offered under the DasEcosystem system, including the extraction of cryptocurrency called DasCoin.”

Polish authorities are still unsure what to do with the confiscated money and are deciding the fate of the founders and benefactors of DasCoin and Net Leaders.

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