“No fiat no worries” while traveling to these 10 cities

29 Oct, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
“No fiat no worries” while traveling to these 10 cities

Investopedia lists down top 10 cities in the world where anyone who only has Bitcoin on their pocket can live and enjoy.

Globetrotters who prefer to use Bitcoin than fiat will definitely enjoy traveling to these cities. Investopedia just published their compilation of 10 cities worldwide that have the “strongest” presence of Bitcoin. Ranked from the strongest, here they are:

1. San Fransisco, USA

With only 837,000 population, the city boasts 29 Bitcoin ATMs and as many as 177 merchants that accept the crypto. Some probably wouldn’t be as surprised, given the fact that it’s the home base of the biggest crypto exchange in the country, Coinbase.

2. Vancouver, Canada

It is not surprising to see a Canadian city ranked high in this list as according to the Bank of Canada’s recent report, 5% of the people in the country now own Bitcoin. The beautiful city of Vancouver is the most friendliest of them all with 86 Bitcoin-accepting merchants and 48 Bitcoin ATMs to serve their 578,000 population as well as those traveling crypto enthusiasts.

3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Home to Bitfury and BitPay, Amsterdam is the safest haven in Europe for traveling Bitcoin owners. The canal city has 74 merchants accepting Bitcoin and one Bitcoin ATM serving travelers as well as their 779,000 population.

4. Ljubljana, Slovenia

People say size does matter, but in this case, it may not be. With only 272,000 population, Ljubljana is the smallest city in the list, but it boasts 5 Bitcoin ATMs and 51 merchants accepting Bitcoin

5. Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel has a growing Bitcoin community with 1,785 active members in the Bitcoin Meetup Group. The financial center in the city has 4 Bitcoin ATMs and as many as 58 merchants that accept the crypto.

6. Zurich, Switzerland

The home to many financial institutions has 64 merchants that accept Bitcoin along with 8 ATMs serving their population of 366,000 and Bitcoin owner tourists.

7. Tampa, US

Although it is a relatively unknown city in the fintech and cryptocurrency community, Tampa surprisingly has 13 Bitcoin ATMs, and 93 merchants accepting Bitcoin, more than most of the country’s largest cities.

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

In countries that experience financial crisis, cryptocurrency is often seen as a “way out”. The same goes to Argentina, its capital, Buenos Aires boasts 130 merchants accepting Bitcoin and 3 ATMs to serve their 2.9 million population and visitors.

9. New York, US

Known for its stringent financial regulation, the famous Big Apple has 122 merchants accepting Bitcoin and 117 ATMs that its 8.4 million population and visitors can use.

10. London, UK

Closing the list is the capital of the UK that has 88 merchants accepting Bitcoin and 74 ATMs catering their 8.3 million population. Being the home to several Bitcoin startups, such as Coinfloor and Elliptic, the city also has an active Bitcoin meetup group with 2,311 members.

Earlier this month, Blockr.com also compiled their version of the top 10 most cryptocurrency-friendly cities in the world. While the list doesn't look exactly the same, several cities, such as Amsterdam, Ljubljana, Buenos Aires and San Fransisco do appear in both lists. 

Lastly, as the wise man said, "Work hard, travel harder", we can probably add, "Don't worry about not bringing enough money, just use your Bitcoin!"

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