Is EOS' spike in user base enough to combat bad press?

27 Oct, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
Is EOS' spike in user base enough to combat bad press?

According to Crypto Globe, EOS has seen a recent meteoric rise in daily active users using the dApp platform and blockchain ecosystem, which is a bright spot in what has been an unfortunate month for EOS PR.

According to Ben Sigman, a blockchain expert, the platform saw a spike of 60,000 new active accounts on the 24th.

This data amounts to a 500% increase in EOS’ demonstrably active user base.

While this is promising news from the decentralized app platform, EOS has not been without recent controversy, with Jimmy Song notably calling EOS an outright ‘scam.’ Furthermore, reports have come out that the EOS blockchain is rife with collusion, effectively centralizing what should be a democratic ecosystem.

What this all amounts to is an increasing number of apps being hosted on EOS, while public confidence in the blockchain remains mixed. News.BTC reported recently that while the chain had solved scalability problems, was luring usable and popular apps, the project’s utility token saw a recent 40% fall from its monthly peak.

The news that EOS is continuing to grow its user base may change the market of value of the EOS token, but not if more bad press continues to mount around issues of EOS’ security, collusion, and efficacy.

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