Vietnamese telecom company creates blockchain solution for medical file management

27 Oct, 2018
by David Borman
Vietnamese telecom company creates blockchain solution for medical file management

Viet Nam News is reporting that the nation's largest telecom company has entered the world of blockchain. Their first product? A blockchain powered hospital filing system that will hopefully revolutionize medical care in the country.

The Viettel Enterprise Solutions Corporation hopes that in the next 5 years it can become the nation's leader in blockchain technology. It has only just entered the space, but already Ngô Vĩnh Quý, deputy general director at Viettel, is optimistic:

"Viettel has the financial resources, human resources, network infrastructure, huge data centre, research and development facilities, large internal environment, and other advantages to learn and apply blockchain technology."

The first product put out by the company is a blockchain powered database to house medical records, that if every hospital in the nation could connect to would save massive amounts of money for patients. Phạm Ngọc Sơn, director of the Core-technology Centre, is quoted;

“Every year Vietnam spends VNĐ2.3 – 2.5 trillion (US$100 -110 million) for patients to do medical tests again when they move from one hospital to another.”

If successful the new system would link not only hospitals but the Ministry of Health, provincial health departments, medical insurance and any other relevant departments.

This certainly sounds beneficial for Vietnam, and it is wonderful to see another nation embracing the potential for blockchain. As always, stick with Chepicap for any updates that come about!

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