OKEx users break into OKCoin's Shanghai office, destroy property

24 Oct, 2018
by Richard Allen
OKEx users break into OKCoin's Shanghai office, destroy property

A gang of self-claimed crypto traders have broken into OKCoin’s Beijing office by destroying doors and elevators, 8BTC reports.

Prior to the incident, some users who were conducting crypto futures transactions on the exchange complained about the forced liquidations and irregular transactions after suffering losses.

OKCoin posted a warning several days before this to people who seemed to be loitering around its office. According to OKCoin, these people refused to provide identity documents and they had no proof to back up their claim that they were OKCoin users. The company is under the impression that these people were hired to disrupt the office and cause disturbances.

The company then released a statement that explained that over ten unidentified people broke into the Beijing office by smashing elevators and doors. “They smashed and destroyed our office supplies, threatened employees’ personal safety and affect our normal operations.” The incident is being investigated by the police.

Last month the founder of OKEx, Star Xu was investigated by police regarding his potential involvement in a fraud case.

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