Power Ledger launching token backed by renewable energy assets: AGE

23 Oct, 2018
by David Borman
Power Ledger launching token backed by renewable energy assets: AGE

It is being reported by TechCrunch that the team behind Power Ledger is launching a brand new token, one that is backed by actual renewable energy resources. The hope is to let retail investors get exposure to renewable energy, a sector usually reserved for institutional money.

The Power Ledger crew saw that there was a monetary barrier for many would-be investors into renewable energy. Those without large sums of money had few options for getting in on important energy developments.

Now, the company is rolling out Asset Germination Event (AGE) token. This token will be backed by actual renewable energy assets. In order to achieve this, Power Ledger is purchasing a grid-connected battery and a commercial solar system and plans to use this system, which will be expanded in the future, to pay out energy dividends to investors.

This can allow for those interested in renewable energy to get into the industry, both by bringing in new money but also receiving renewable assets. Dr. Jemma Green, chairman of Power Ledger is quoted:

“When everyday people can invest in and co-own commercial renewable energy assets, we will be closer to our goal of a decentralized and democratized energy ecosystem.”

It should be an important step in bringing both crypto and renewable energy to the masses. As always, stick with Chepicap for any updates on this exciting development!

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