Where to store your crypto, once you've become a crypto billionaire?

23 Oct, 2018
by Joeri Cant
Where to store your crypto, once you've become a crypto billionaire?

Well, the exact location remains a bit of a mystery, but according to Forbes, the answer to the question might be found somewhere in the heart of Southern England, UK, in a secret bunker behind blast doors, buried 60 feet in an abandoned nuclear bunker, patrolled by a specialist team of ex-military officers.

Most of the well-educated crypto investors would opt for putting their private keys in cold storage and hiding them in a variety of places, like putting thumb drives in safety deposit boxes or, maybe less mainstream, printing private keys on steel plates and burying them.

However, once you reach the status of crypto billionaire, you will want a more ellaborate way of securing your crypto funds. The secret digital custodian service, Vo1t, seems to be a perfect solution to a problem we all want to have.

Vo1t is part of a network around the world and was founded by Miles Parry, a former independent security consultant to the U.K.’s Ministry of Defence.

He describes Vo1t as a market leading insured custody service, established in 2015 and trusted by institutions globally.

Parry stated that this is a different world. 'What you really need to be asking is, what happens if you have a gun held to your head?'

As a response to that question and to the increasing numbers of kidnappings, armed robberies and blackmail attempts by crypto criminals, Parry decided to launch Vo1t three years ago.

'We've kept very quiet, but it's become clear quite recently that people are starting to know about us, so it's about time that we put our head above the water', Parry said.

According to its website, Vo1t charges companies a fixed fee of $33,000 annually, along with a $33.000 setup charge and fees of between 0.01% and 0.06% on withdrawals, which it claims can be made in under 2 hours.

$33.000 well spent, I am sure, once you have become a crypto billionaire!

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