Qlink becomes QLC Chain, announces SpotCoin airdrop

15 May, 2018
Qlink becomes QLC Chain, announces SpotCoin airdrop

Qlink has renamed itself to QLC Chain and announced an airdrop with Spotcoin (SPOT) in partnership with Neo and Nep-5 tokens.

Qlink will now be known as QLC chain as the company felt a rename was needed. No reason was given for the the change of name. 

QLC chain has also announced that token holders will be able to participate in the upcoming airdrop of Spot Coin, an over-the-counter clearinghouse for fiat and cryptocurrencies and digital asset NEO-based exchange. 

The airdrop is in an effort to promote NEP-5 tokens and will be awarded to holders of QLC, RPX, SWH, and EFX tokens. Dates and amount of tokens needed to participate in the airdrop can be found here

QLC tokens will need to be held in a NEO wallet such as Neon or 03 wallet. The airdrop starts on the 21st May 2018. 

To stay up to date with all things QLC, feel free to stay tuned to their medium page.

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