YH is not delisting coins from Binance: fake news

22 Oct, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
YH is not delisting coins from Binance: fake news

Responding to rumors regarding her making unilateral delisting decisions, Binance CMO Ye Hi (also known as YH), has mantained that she not only has not made these decisions, but is not enabled to do so, calling evidence to the contrary out as fake.

YH took to Twitter today to dispel some apparent rumors that she had stated she would delist a number of cryptotokens from Binance which were spread through pictures of Wechat logs and Telegram screenshots, which YH is calling photshopped. YH noted that the architecture of the Binance exchange has a ‘fire-walled’ listing team which would be in charge of such decisions, ones which YH has no access to.

This event is a good reminder to be on the lookout for fake news, which are rampant in a market which essentially runs on rumors and intuitions.

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