Will Bakkt's partnership with Starbucks lead to mass adoption at last?

22 Oct, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
Will Bakkt's partnership with Starbucks lead to mass adoption at last?

Derick Fieburger, of Arturo Capital, has noted his excitement about the near future of Bakkt in light of its partnership with Starbucks, which he notes has deployed the largest mobile payment app in use.

The Starbucks App has 23.4 million users, which puts it above even Apple Pay and similar in-store payment apps, making it the most used mobile payment platform apps excepting general payment platforms like Venmo and Square.

 Bakkt has already announced its partnership with Starbucks, and is clearly positioning itself as a general use exchange aimed for mass adoption. Starbucks, in its press release on the subject, has detailed its development of digital currency technology for use in its store.
If Starbucks can integrate with Bakkt, and Bakkt can succesfully operationalize their exchange as a crypto payment system, Starbucks adopting crypto could be a crucial moment in the path towards mass adoption for distributed ledger payment technology.

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Will Starbucks' payment app be the first example of mass-use crypto?

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