Crypto scammer steals $24,000 from Dogecoin users

21 Oct, 2018
by Richard Allen
Crypto scammer steals $24,000 from Dogecoin users

According to a recent report by Russian cybersecurity firm Dr. Web, a cybercriminal has been targeting Dogecoin users. So far more than 10,000 people have been affected, with losses amounting to $24,000.

The scammer, who goes by aliases Investimer, Hyipblock, or Mmpower, uses a wide range of commercial Trojans that are prevalent among dark web forums

According to the report, the hacker is primarily targeting Dogecoin users, creating numerous phishing websites that replicate actual online resources. One website is a fake cryptocurrency exchange that is said to require special client software, which is actually the Trojan.

The scam also involves a fake cryptocurrency exchange that steals users’ deposits as well as a fake Dogecoin ming pool. The potential victim would download the alleged client application from a password-protected archive. The password prevents the user’s antivirus software from scanning the archive and removing it while it downloads. Additionally, there’s also a fake Dogecoin-mining browser extension.

In addition to the methods listed, there’s also an Ethereum-based lottery that promises to pay winnings in Dogecoin. However, its set up in such a way that only allows the owner to win. The lottery has almost 6,000 registered users.

The full list of compromised Dogecoin-related services known to be operated by Investimer can be found here.

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