Blockchain's potential to bring AI technology to everyone

20 Oct, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
Blockchain's potential to bring AI technology to everyone

According to the New York Times, blockchain and AI might be close to finding a mutually beneficial integration, one which could democratize the field of artificial intelligence, a powerful tool that is currently monopolized by a few elite tech companies who are hoarding AI developers.

Cryptocurrency promised decentralization, and while some would argue that this will still be the future legacy of crypto, crypto tokens, hash rate, mining power, and economic benefit are massively centralized in whales, mining pools, and imminently, institutions who will control the technology.

In the field of AI, startups like Ocean Protocol are attempting to use the blockchain to create ‘data marketplaces’ - digital spaces which allow users to exchange, purchase, and sell data without the exchange ever ‘owning’ it. This data can be used by anyone to build machine learning and other AI protocol projects, which mostly have only seen development by the likes of Google and Apple.

The somewhat dystopian (or perhaps utopian) named SingularityNET is a start up which is trying to use blockchain to decentralize AI technology itself, or as the founder describes it ‘It let’s you have a network of A.I.’s that nobody owns.’

SingularityNET would act as a kind of globally interconnected set of AI modules which can be built by anyone, so that if a particular AI machine cannot solve a problem or find an answer, it has the ability to reach out into the decentralized network to attempt to utilize another AI module.

AI and blockchain have the potential to be very powerful tools, and using blockchain’s capability to be truly decentralized can broaden access to powerful machine learning algorithms, making the future technology landscape accessible to the imaginations not just of a few companies, but anyone around the world, which rings truer to the spirit that crypto was built for originally than the institutional investment and regulation, however exciting that may be for crypto holders.

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