Tron trumps Ethereum in daily transactions for the first time

20 Oct, 2018
by Matthew Kim
Tron trumps Ethereum in daily transactions for the first time

Yesterday, Tron surpassed Ethereum in daily transactions for the first time ever.

Tron’s token, TRX, had the biggest burst of transactions on its network with almost 600,000 transactions on the day, edging out Ethereum (ETH) 599,354 to 565,791. According to, 77 percent of Tron’s transactions were from Smart Contracts.

Although the spurt yesterday seems to be an anomaly, it was still a historic moment for the Tron project. The foundation has famously touted itself to be the better cryptocurrency than the better-known Ethereum project. The legitimacy of Tron's surpremecy has been heatedly debated, and the battle between Ethereum and Tron foundations and communities will likely continue to for the foreseeable future.

The announcement of a “partnership” with Baidu could be the leading factor in the spike in transactions observed on the 18th. CEO Justin Tron was heavily criticized for false marketing by exaggerating the collaboration as he often does, but the market shows that enough of the community bought the hype. Even still, crypto twitter did not let him off the hook easy as they voiced their dissatisfaction with Tron’s antics.

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