CZ tweets "Funds are #SAFU" following reset of trading platforms

19 Oct, 2018
CZ tweets Funds are #SAFU following reset of trading platforms

Binanace have announced that trading will be affected for roughly 2 hours as the exchange resets some internal technical issues, however CZ has assured clients "funds are safu" 

According to Binance, they are experiencing an issue with a failover which is also affecting API users who wont be seeing their orders correctly. CZ tweeted the issue stating "An engine restart is required to fix the issue. We will halt trading for a engine restart in about 30 minutes, lasting about 60 min"

Binance head CZ also tweeted following the announcement stating that "Fund are #SAFU. Standard tech issue."

Binance have since followed up on the issue stating more time will be required to resolve the issue with ongoing maintenance expected to last until 8am UTC. 

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